Varma Jampana, (Director, Business Development, Operations & Marketing)

Mr. Varma Jampana has been a pioneer in the pharmaceutical marketing from 1991 and dealt with companies located in US, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and South-east Asian countries. Previously, he led a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Varma has knowledge of regulatory requirements of different regions and has extensive contacts both in the domestic and the international market. His experience helps Clavita Pharma in identifying potential products and reaching international markets rapidly.

Subbaraju Gottumukkala, Ph.D. (Director, Research & Development)

Dr Subbaraju Gottumukkala has over 30 years of experience as a researcher and Product development expert in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. He has more than 30 national and US patents in addition to 150 research publications. He was a member (Senior Vice-President) of the promoter team of Laurus Labs private Limited, Hyderabad and contributed significantly for the process development of several pharmaceutical products. Prior to this assignment, Dr Gottumukkala was a Research and Development head at Laila Impex, Vijayawada and developed many innovative nutraceutical products. Dr. Gottumukkala was at University of Hawaii and Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ and gained experience in drug development and new methodologies, He was an Associate Professor at Sri Venkateswara University for nearly a decade and half.

Chalapathi Raju Kalidindi, (Director, Finance & Administration)

Mr. Chalapathi Raju Kalidindi has 20 years of experience as a development expert and Economic policy advisor and worked with World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, United States of America International Development (USAID) and Deloitte, USA. During his work at these institutions, Mr. Kalidindi implemented projects worth millions of dollars and managed design and implementation of reforms in several countries in areas such as economic policy, institutional change, and public financial management. His experience in project management and finance and other international operational experience are tremendous value in financial planning for Clavita Pharma.

Harikrishna Mudduluru, Ph.D. (Vice-President, Process Chemistry)

Dr Harikrishna Mudduluru has more than 19 years of experience as a process chemistry development expert in the areas of APIs and Nutraceuticals. During this period, previously, he was at Laurus Labs leading a team of Scientists that resulted in successful commercialization of several key products of the company. Earlier to this, he was at Dr Reddys Laboratories and handled generic APIs including prostaglandins and supported several multinational companies for their NCEs development and spearheaded many cGMP campaigns. He has good experience technology transfer from R&D to manufacturing. He has 7 patents and 8 research publications to his credit. Dr Mudduluru, leads the activities from the process research to commercialization of products at Clavita Pharma.

Raju Kanumuri, Ph.D. (Vice-President, Quality)

Dr. Kanumuri, has more than 27 years of pharmaceutical research and industry experience in India and abroad. He was with various leading pharmaceutical companies in Australia since 2001, including Hospira (now Pfizer), where he has acquired both managerial and technical expertise including quality control, method development, method validation, tech transfer and DMFs filing. Dr. Kanumuri is widely published in leading journals and currently a member of Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Dr. Kanumuri, heads the quality team at Clavita in managing the quality systems that have to be approved by major regulatory agencies like US FDA, Australian TGA, and WHO.

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